Jalatharangam Exponent

Kottayam TS Ajith Kumar

    Sri. Kottayam TS Ajith Kumar is a person who is active in the carnatic music field for the past 20+ years. He started Learning Mridangam at a very young age under the guidance of eminent gurus including (names of Gurus). He completed Ganabhooshanam course from RLV academy and started his career as a professional percussionist on the Mridangam.
    He has accompanied artists including (name of artists). He is a multifaceter personality in music and he also finds instruments like violin and flute as his favorite companions in concerts.
    However, he found out an unconvetional calling for him in the music field as he focussed more on Jalatharangam. Being a complicated instrument cluster, jalatharangam demands extreme music knowledge and adaptability to be performed as a stage item. due to the same reason, there are very few artists who handle jalatharangam concerts. The knowlege and ease of handling percussion instruments like Mridangam and Ghatam helped him a lot in handling jalatharangam at tits best way. He has developed his own 'bani' with a unique identity on the jalatharangam. He is comfortable with both classical pieces as well as light melodic tunes on the instrument. .