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Jalatharangam artist Kottayam Ajith
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Kottayam TS Ajith Jalatharangam

Jalatharangam Exponent : Kottayam TS Ajith Kumar

Jalatharangam is one of the toughest, yet melodious musical instruments to play carnatic music. The instrument, which is in effect, a cluster of numerous bone china cups, filled with water and tuned to the exact pitch is a tough one to play for most of the instrumentalists. Kottayam TS Ajith Kumar, a veteran Mridangam artist from Kerala, got attracted to this challenging area and started delivering profesisonal concerts exclusively on Jalatharangam.

Kottayam TS Ajith Kumar, who hails from Kerala is a well known percussionist. He has accompanied numerous maestros in carnatic music, all over Kerala and in other states as well. He was attracted to the dynamic scopes of Jalatharangam and passionately took up the challenge to master this instrument on his own. However, he had plans to get some guidence from a veteral jalatharangam artist, and thus he went to Sri. Thomas Theekoy, who is a veteran in Jalatharangam. Under the Guidance of Sri. Thomas Theekoy, Kottayam TS Ajith Kumar proceeded further with his Jalatharangam concerts. Being a percussionist, he developed a syle of his own in Jalatharangam and improvised melody and rhythm in to this magnificiant istrument. His style incorporates both melody and laya, thus opening a new track and style of playing jalatharangam.